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The Fox Brothers are best known for their hits "Tending To Todd", "Red, White & Blue", "Like Ol' Hank", "Squares", "Put A Little Love In Your Heart", and "It's Time For Love".The group has also enjoyed many other number one Christian Country radio singles including "Turn My Life Around", "Red Top Mountain", "Cradle Of Love", "Say It Now", "He Broke The Law", "Backslider's Prayer", "Yours", "In This House", "If That Ain't Love", and "Tell God Goodnight".

Another aspect and appeal of The Fox Brothers is their clever humor. Roy Fox evokes tons of laughter from audiences with his always glib, sometimes excited, and occasionally befuddled character whose two favorite subjects are food and politics. He bounces his off-the-wall, unconventional humor off his quick- witted straight man brother, Lynn Fox.

Roy Fox has garnered several awards for his comedy including the Comedian Of The Year trophy by the Country Gospel Music Guild; the Comedy Act Of The Year award from the Inspirational Country Music Association; and the prize for Comedian Of The Year at the USAGEM Awards.

"We love performing", Roy Fox said. "We get to meet a lot of people who love music and life. When we get to entertain them, that's when we are at our happiest".

Christian Country, Inspirational Country, Country Gospel, and the Country Music industry would not be what it is today without the influence and dedicated music career of The Fox Brothers.